Thursday, January 10, 2013

Lead Generation Marketing Techniques To Start Your 2013

One way to start off another business year is to identify marketing methods with regard to lead generation. Not all methods are effective on a certain business, that’s why you need to have a deliberate evaluation of numerous strategies available in the market since there are several factors that relatively affects the tools being used; such as the nature of the business itself, the kinds of clients that deal with the business, the people involved, financial stability, and a lot more. And so to help you decide on what method to use, below is a list of the latter that can be beneficial to your business.

  • Business Cards - this is perhaps one of the most easiest and cost-effective methods in generating b2b leads, yet many businessmen still fail to have one. The business world is full of uncertain circumstances, you don’t know when, where, and how an opportunity come, so always have that piece of paper with you in case of emergency. 
  • Yellow Pages - business directories are now operating via the web with a very low cost, which means many small businesses can now afford to list themselves on these pages. 
  • Telemarketing - many say that while b2b telemarketing had the previous years, it surely can no longer have the 2013, its bad social stigma has completely tainted its reputation, yet it still remains as an effective lead generation marketing method. 
  • Email Campaigns - these campaigns are a great way to attract numbers of people to your website, thus increasing the volume of your potential leads. 
  • Social Media Marketing - the frenzy over the social media marketing in the previous years has significantly increased and still continues to dominate the strategic marketing campaign. That’s why despite the cost-effectiveness issues, many are still joining the craze to keep themselves in track with the race. 
  • Mass Media Advertising - though considered as being a “Jurassic” method, mass media still stand to be one of the most effective methods in generating leads.