Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lead Generation Marketing Through The Use Of Twitter

It seems that social media sites these days are more popular than places where people would hang out like the malls or in the park. Just by staying at home in front of the computer, people can hang out and share everything to everyone like pictures, videos, conversations, subjects of interest and many more. Even businesses these days are getting into the bandwagon in setting up their own social media sites account and what they will do is to utilize these social media sites for product awareness. If they want to promote their products, they would also try to go to social media sites like Twitter and “tweet” about their newest products and/or services. Today, lead generation marketing has been catapulted to greater heights because of the use of Twitter to generate marketing leads and sales leads and consider them as qualified leads to create huge financial success.

Twitter, one of the most popular media sites today, is considered as a mini blog. Small conversations that are called “tweets” convey valuable messages and information to anyone who can stumble upon a specific Twitter account of a person or any organization. The Twitter is a busy place and all because of people following people and even companies following other companies. People from many different walks of life use it for different purposes. Now, businesses also use Twitter to generate marketing leads that can be converted to huge sales.

So, how does one set up his own Twitter account? If he or the company he represents has a product to promote, he should make his Twitter ID identical to the product that they are promoting. This will be the introduction that the company will have to inform people what they are promoting online and clients will know the company and understand the area of interest by name. For instance, if a software company is trying to promote a new accounting software, they can consider “accounting_software_solutions” as a Twitter account name.

Now, what the company will do in order to generate marketing leads through social media networking using Twitter is to build some network around. Those people in the company who are assigned to do social media marketing to generate qualified leads needs to follow some people and they should tweet very valuable and very interesting information. It can be related to what they are promoting but they don’t have to limit themselves to that. They can follow people “tweeting” out stories about their favorite actors, actresses or bands. They can eve follow people and make some comments about their tweets regarding their most recent summer vacation and things like that. Once a company has decided to follow these tweets of people and other companies, they will also get to know more about their own company and they would also try to follow them and comment on the latest tweets about their new product.

This can be a very useful channel to introduce the products and/or services to people. This is lead generation marketing and if there are some people who will respond to the tweets of that company, they can be considered as qualified leads since they have shown interest in the product or service. Then, what the company can do is to move in for “the kill” by having their sales people invite that prospect for a webinar or for some face-to-face appointments or they can hire somebody to do that job like professional telemarketers or professional appointment setters.

These companies can do their own lead generation marketing. However, it is very highly recommended that they should outsource to b2b lead generation companies since they can utilize more than one channel other than social media marketing to gather qualified leads in behalf of the company that hired them.