Wednesday, September 11, 2013

Medical Update: 6 known cures for BBD (Boring Blog Disease)

Medical Update: 6 known cures for BBD (Boring Blog Disease)

As of this writing, there have been hundreds of cases of blogs reported to have manifested early symptoms of the Boring Blog Disease or BBD. Some of these symptoms include:

- Little or no response from site visitors
- Poor frequency of people revisiting the site after 24-48 hours
- Malnourished content
- Tendency to stick with boring text posts that usually tackle same old boring topics

The onset of this disease usually goes by unnoticed at first, and victims would suffer under the delusion that their blogs are doing okay. However, if left untreated, BBD can lead to complications, such as stagnation of one’s blog site, significant drop in leads and conversions, or worse: total oblivion from the online marketing world.

If your blog is showing these kinds of indications, you may need to take precautionary measures as early as now. What you might call for is a sort of reinforcement through medications, specifically those which are concocted to give life, energy and creativity to your blog. Basically, these are stuff that you haven’t thought of including in your blog that you have to venture on starting today .

The following is a list of suggested cures to bring your blog back in good shape:

1. Infographics. When you convert a heap of information into something that’s easier to understand, people become more engaged to your content. They see the whole picture (literally) at a glance, and better understanding always triggers response, either good or bad.

2. Interview experts. Contrary to popular belief, putting an expert on a pedestal right on your own blog does not discredit you in anyway. If anything, it actually makes people think better of you, because you had the initiative to bring in expert opinion, making your blog more credible.

3.Quizzes. Posting quizzes can be a little risky to do, since it has the potential to backfire (imagine if only 4 people took your quiz). So before thinking of posting one, make sure the questions are engaging enough to propel people to participate. Afterwards, consolidate the results, analyze, and share your findings.

4.Personalized videos. It’s a breath of fresh air for your readers to see a video on your posts once in a while. The creative challenge is there, of course, considering that videos have to be artfully crafted for people to appreciate them. Hire a professional and give it a shot.

5.Take pictures. Sometimes, conventional blog header graphics (an unknown guy wearing a tie, pretending to be doing something and smiling for no reason) can make your readers grow tired. Try taking real pictures of real people to put sincerity back in images. Try beautiful sceneries or micro visuals of commonplace stuff.

6.Give stuff away. Perhaps one of the reasons why people are not enthusiastic about your site is the fact that they don’t get anything from it. If you can’t wow them through spectacular writing, at least soften the blow by offering freebies. Then, work on making your content healthy and disease-free.