Tuesday, October 15, 2013

How To Properly Meet With Sales Leads Executives

How To Properly Meet With Sales Leads Executives

Business meetings with your sales leads prospects can be a nerve-wracking experience. This especially true if you are new to this kind of task. But that is a reality that you have to deal with, and deal with it you must. This could spell the success or failure of your entire B2B lead generation campaign. If you fail to impress your business prospects enough, then you will not be able to make enough sales happen. But how will you be impressive? How will you create a positive impression for you and your company? 

There are actually several ways for you to do that, but the ones below can give you a good head start:

Do some research – ever tried making a presentation from the top of your head? Surely, you may have noticed just how sloppy your work was. And that is precisely what business executives will see when you walk in without doing your research. A sensible marketer would put some effort to study about your prospect’s business before you do your business presentation.

Introduce yourself – while telemarketing representatives commonly make this error, even veteran marketers are guilty of this. They assume that the person they are talking to in the meeting room know them and the business they represent. That is definitely one dumb marketing move. Instead, have the grace to introduce yourself, your company, and what you can do for them. That will be greatly appreciated by the other party.

Show some credibility – give them proof of your capabilities. Maybe you can mention some successful cases in the past, or provide them some testimonials from some of your more well-known clients. You should also make it a point to discuss the problems that these executives face, the solutions that could be used, as well as the results that could be had. This will show them your expertise, as well as earn the trust of these people.

Ask the right questions – before you can offer a solution, you have to know what exactly the problem was. And you can only do that if you ask your appointment setting prospects the right questions. Do not go for the easy ‘yes or no’ inquiries. Opt for the open-ended ones. Not only will this allow your prospects to talk more, this would encourage more information to come out. You can then formulate the optimal business solution for them.

Add more value – this is the one solution you have when it comes to price objections. You see, when you create additional value to your prospects, when you show them why your offer is more lucrative compared to the competition, when you can prove that your products can increase the value of the company using them, you can make a sale happen easier.

When you get the chance to have a meeting with business executives, take it as a chance to shine. Think of it as taking the step beyond a sales leads prospect towards a closed deal. You just have to be prepared and flexible enough to face any challenge thrown your way.