Monday, July 29, 2013

Need A Better Lead Generation Network? You Can Do It In Three Ways

Need A Better Lead Generation Network? You Can Do It In Three Ways
Expanding your business network is very important for your lead generation campaign. Without a good business network, you would be unable to establish proper recommendations and referrals that your business will need for the long term success of your company. There are a lot of factors that can affect your ability to generate good sales leads, and establishing a solid business network happens to be one of those important factors. 

Now here is the challenge: how exactly will you pull that off? 

This is not an overnight affair, mind you. You need to be very patient on this. You should also have an idea on where to best start your work. If not, then you can try the suggested activities below:
1.    Join business associations – actually, you should join the right ones. There are two ways for this setup to fail: one, you join the wrong ones; and two, you are not active in the ones you joined. Keep in mind that you are trying to create business network here. If you want to be more effective in converting business prospects during your appointment setting campaign, then you will want to know more people related to your business, and vice versa as well. Who knows, you might actually learn something interesting during this time as well. You just have to give this a try.

2.    Tap into social media – all right, in this regard, you may think that you are doing it right already, but this is still worth a second look. You can never tell who you might meet is social media, with the possibility of success pretty low. That is why you had better cast your nets wide and in different modes. Got an account in Facebook? Great, start interacting with the people there? Got something to say that a lot of people would love to hear? Try Twitter and see for yourself if you have succeeded in piquing their interest. If you are of the professional sort, then using LinkedIn would be a great way to get in touch with like-minded or interested folks.

3.    Do not fear trying old-fashioned mediums – sometimes, the old ways are the best, especially with older business prospects. Try telemarketing, as an example. This may not be at the top of your list of communication tools, but this could be a really effective and active way to generate more B2B leads for your business. You just need to know how to use this and the market that this is going to be used on. If you want, or if necessary, outsource the telemarketing work to those who know about this profession best. This would be a smart business move.

As many marketers have learned over the years, knowing what exactly you should do in order to establish a good business network is important. Without it, your lead generation campaign would just get harder in the end. You have three ways to start the process, but you can always add a few more along the way.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Leaving the Right Kind of Message in Voice Mail

With answering machines being placed in most homes and businesses today, telemarketers should learn to leave the right kind of message in order to get the right kind of response.

There are those telemarketers that would leave messages on your answering machine that may sound like this:

“Good day, my name is ---- and I work for a company that provides ---- If you are interested please call us back at around 9:00am tomorrow. We look forward to hearing from you.” 
Doesn't that sound irritating? This is because these types of telemarketers only focus on one thing, and that is to make the sale. These kind of telephone representatives would not feel for their customer that even the closing spiel sounds uncomfortable. Yet there are those telephone marketing representatives that would sound like this:

“Good day John, my name is ---- how are you today? We have found your contact information from a recent survey that you took in one of our affiliate websites in which we are very thankful for filling up all those information. We would like to hear more about your interests as we might just have the answer to your needs and that would be our new product called ---- You may call us at anytime that you want for we are open 24 hours a day within 7 days a week. Thank you for your time and patience.” 
This is a much better message to leave in an answering machine as this time, the phone representative gives the client the freedom to choose when to call back. Also, it is in a much more friendlier and more non-intrusive tone. With the right kind of tone and speech, the company can make sure that the prospect client will call back as they would think that if the phone representatives are that friendly then the company can be trusted as well. 

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

The Six Customers You Will Meet In The Market

Marketing and lead generation is a social activity . No matter what kind of work you do in this discipline, you will meet a lot of people, be it customers or your colleagues. That is why it is important that you know how to deal with them, especially potential B2B leads. They are the ones holding the wallet, so to speak. You would want to ensure that these prospects are pleased with what you offer and turn into paying customers. Of course, this is the point where the challenge appears: how will you deal with them effectively? Remember that each person has their unique personalities, so you need to match your marketing strategy to fit theirs. Usually, during the course of your appointment setting efforts, you will encounter a lot of personalities, the six most common listed below:

The skeptics – past disservice or unmet needs have made them jaded to your telemarketing call, so they may be the hardest to convince. The good news here is that, if you can deliver or exceed their expectations, they become your customers for life.

The undecided – the fence-sitters, or those who know what their problem is and the solution required. They might ask for you expertise over the matter, but will hold back from buying whatever solution or service that you offer.
The averse – hearing so many sales pitches over the years, all the time, has made them tired of all the hype you say and just want you to shut up. In cases like these, just go straight to the point and try not to embellish your talk with sales pitches. They can be pretty sharp, mind you.

The lonesome – these people know they have a problem, but are afraid of solving it on their own. You can earn their good graces by proving to them that you can solve their problem and that you can do that with them along the way.

The info-overload – encountering these people can be a challenge to your skills in summarizing your business. Usually, these people have heard a lot from other sellers, and the information the received is on overflow. Make it easier for them by only focusing on the key points and use language that is easier to understand.

The fearful – prospects are pretty much afraid of the unknown, are already comfortable with the current status quo, and fear that any change will be bad for their business. Your job, in the event that you encounter them, is to show how bright the future is, and how much they are missing by not taking the risk. If you can pull that off, it would be to your advantage.

There is always the possibility that you will encounter these kinds of customers and business prospects. Still, if you know how to deal with them, you will not have any problems with your lead generation campaign. But in case you, yourself, can handle the talk and work at the same time, you might want to outsource the work to a marketing agency that can do the job. It could be a good investment.

Friday, July 5, 2013

The Secrets In Lead Generation That Companies Should Know About

It’s not really that easy to generate qualified leads like business leads, marketing leads or sales leads. Some people may think that creating new products and/or services and promoting product awareness to everyone is the only way to get good nods of approval from customers and let them buy what were being offered. However, when it really comes to qualifying warm and quality leads, there is more to lead generation that meets the eyes. Some of these are secrets that some companies have been using and have actually helped them even to surpass their own past financial achievements aside from those of their competitors.

Talking about competition, it’s really a tough, fierce and stiff world out there for companies especially those that are dealing with b2b or business-to-business transactions. Since they are handling big and delicate accounts, they should try to do a lot of things that can make their potential clients feel they are worthy and companies selling them products and/or services really are about their needs and that they are not just in it for the money. So, in order to make those potential new customers happy and to keep the ones that they have right now in their own backyard, b2b sales lead generation marketing services should by their lifeblood and not the number of customers they have.

In order to fully utilize b2b lead generation marketing services, a company should learn the secrets that other companies have been using and were very successful and has gained higher sales revenues. There may be even some competitors of a company that has also utilized their own b2b lead generation campaigns and were also successful because of these secrets.

One of these tips that any company can learn is to give most of the channels open in order for the prospects to conveniently and easily communicate with them and also the other way around. These channels including telemarketing services, email marketing and social media marketing. With telemarketing services, for instance, professional appointment setters can contact any potential client, generate qualified leads, know more about the needs of the client and arrange face-to-face appointments or webinars so that clients can learn more of the products and/or services offered to them and the selling company can learn more about the client and can find out which of their products and/or services is best to recommend to that specific client.

A company should make sure that the prospects must be able to be approachable of them and the solutions they're offering like the products and/or services. There are still other efficient methods than outdoor advertising or TV to promote product awareness and they are mentioned here already like telemarketing and even SEO or search engine optimization. When establishing a brand, a company should convince the qualified leads or the customers to believe that what they are offering would offer answers to their problems or will respond to their needs.

Another reason why companies should have the best lead generation marketing services is to make sure that they will reach the precise audience and even get to seek audience in the international market. Through the help of a b2b lead generation company, they can use all types of channels so that, in one way or another, they will be saving a lot of time, money and effort while they are earning higher sales revenues. So, what is the ultimate secret? The ultimate secret is to outsource lead generation marketing services to b2b sales lead generation companies.

Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Lead Generation Marketing Through The Use Of Twitter

It seems that social media sites these days are more popular than places where people would hang out like the malls or in the park. Just by staying at home in front of the computer, people can hang out and share everything to everyone like pictures, videos, conversations, subjects of interest and many more. Even businesses these days are getting into the bandwagon in setting up their own social media sites account and what they will do is to utilize these social media sites for product awareness. If they want to promote their products, they would also try to go to social media sites like Twitter and “tweet” about their newest products and/or services. Today, lead generation marketing has been catapulted to greater heights because of the use of Twitter to generate marketing leads and sales leads and consider them as qualified leads to create huge financial success.

Twitter, one of the most popular media sites today, is considered as a mini blog. Small conversations that are called “tweets” convey valuable messages and information to anyone who can stumble upon a specific Twitter account of a person or any organization. The Twitter is a busy place and all because of people following people and even companies following other companies. People from many different walks of life use it for different purposes. Now, businesses also use Twitter to generate marketing leads that can be converted to huge sales.

So, how does one set up his own Twitter account? If he or the company he represents has a product to promote, he should make his Twitter ID identical to the product that they are promoting. This will be the introduction that the company will have to inform people what they are promoting online and clients will know the company and understand the area of interest by name. For instance, if a software company is trying to promote a new accounting software, they can consider “accounting_software_solutions” as a Twitter account name.

Now, what the company will do in order to generate marketing leads through social media networking using Twitter is to build some network around. Those people in the company who are assigned to do social media marketing to generate qualified leads needs to follow some people and they should tweet very valuable and very interesting information. It can be related to what they are promoting but they don’t have to limit themselves to that. They can follow people “tweeting” out stories about their favorite actors, actresses or bands. They can eve follow people and make some comments about their tweets regarding their most recent summer vacation and things like that. Once a company has decided to follow these tweets of people and other companies, they will also get to know more about their own company and they would also try to follow them and comment on the latest tweets about their new product.

This can be a very useful channel to introduce the products and/or services to people. This is lead generation marketing and if there are some people who will respond to the tweets of that company, they can be considered as qualified leads since they have shown interest in the product or service. Then, what the company can do is to move in for “the kill” by having their sales people invite that prospect for a webinar or for some face-to-face appointments or they can hire somebody to do that job like professional telemarketers or professional appointment setters.

These companies can do their own lead generation marketing. However, it is very highly recommended that they should outsource to b2b lead generation companies since they can utilize more than one channel other than social media marketing to gather qualified leads in behalf of the company that hired them.