Wednesday, September 25, 2013

How To Make Sales Leads Spend More On You

How To Make Sales Leads Spend More On You

One of the most difficult steps in the B2B appointment setting process is in convincing prospects to spend more on your company. After all, profit margins are dependent on your marketing team’s ability to get more sales leads to come your way or, barring that option, make the ones you already have to spend more.

But here is the question, how will you do that? What tricks or strategies can you employ to make that happen? While you may have heard about numerous tips, these are the ones that had mattered most.

Your products or services are easier to purchase – customers hate to deal with complicated business transactions. If possible, they prefer a click-and-purchase set-up with their sellers. If you can minimize the clutter in your sales process, then they will be more willing to pay more. Your products arrive faster – speed is the name of the game, so to speak. If you can deliver your products and services faster, then you will attract the attention of B2B leads that are concerned about delivery of goods. These people are the most likely to pay more if you can promise them that you can send their orders fast.

You have a ‘must-have’ feature – it could be anything, from the way a computer operates to the place where one sources its cake flour, but what matters here is that this feature, this element is in demand. If you have it, and no one else, your B2B lead generation prospects would be willing to pay a premium for it.

Your product is a ‘status symbol’ for your buyers – think of the iPhone. It could afford to price their products on a higher tier because it was marketed as a status symbol, something that bolsters the reputation and image of those that buy it. It is also the same thing in business, where companies are willing to shell out more to buy high-end ERP operating systems. It improves their image to their own customers.

Your products have a lower ownership cost – think of it in terms of longevity and usage. You are more willing to buy an expensive computer if it has a longer life-span, durable design, less maintenance, compared to others in the market.

You have better customer service – if you can make your customers happier with your service, then they will not mind paying more. Customer service is one aspect in sales that marketers tend to forget. Even something as simple as smiling and cheerfully helping your customer solve their problems can mean a big thing.

Your customers like you – this is more about personal preferences. If you can establish a closer relationship with your telemarketing prospects, then they are more likely to work with you, even if you have a higher price point.

Your price difference with your competition is not that significant – truly, if the price difference between you and your closest competition is not that high, then your prospects will not mind dealing with you.

If you can follow these factors, then your B2B lead generation campaign will be a success.